Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23

Although this learning experience has been frustrating at times, I'm glad I did it because I think that I am now more aware if what is available out there. Some of these things, like Web Apps, Library Thing, RSS feeds, wikis, audio books - I think could be very useful to me and to the library. And then other things seemed fairly useless to me - although I'm sure not everyone would feel that way. I would probably participate in another discovery program like this because I think I learned things here that otherwise I would not have learned on my own.

Week 9 Thing 22

Browsed through Overdrive - was already familiar with it and had previously checked out an audio book from there. Good easy way to access audio books.

Week 9 Thing 21

I looked into Yahoo Podcasts and suscribed to one, so it is now on my bloglines account. Once again, so much information out there and it's all overwhelmiing to me. I looked up book review podcasts - came up with 117 of them - a lot of them had 3 or fewer subscribers, so I'm thinking that they might not be worth my time to look at. I guess once you spend the time looking through all the podcasts and subscribing to the ones you are interested in, then the information would be conveniently available. Just a lot of start up time, and then of course, there will always be new ones out there.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Prangstgrup Library Musical - Reading on a Dream PRANK!!

Spent some time looking around YouTube - so many videos! I got a little lost, there is just so much material there to wade through. I did enjoy this library musical.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Week 8 Thing 19

Explored a couple of sites on the Web 2.0 Awards List. One sentence was interesting. Checked out some of the games and city guides (yelp). Some of these sites would be helpful for giving information to patrons (not the games or one sentence, but perhaps the yelp or medstory).

Week 8 Thing 18

Explored Google Docs, create a document and emailed it someone. Wow. This is very handy. I like that I can save it online and then access it from anywhere. Also, that it is so easy to email or share in other ways with people (posting to the blog, making a webpage etc.) I'm impressed.

Week 7 Thing 17

Explored Maryland Libraries Sandbox, created a log in account and added my blog to the favorite blogs page. While I think that wikis can definitely be useful, I'm not sure of the value of this one. I guess it's just sort of for looking around at different blogs and reading random comments from people.